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and most flexible
with the distribution

We suggest a process that generates the most optimal distribution based on the sales order.

Manage with the largest

and most reliable system

The process that delivers processes processed from sales orders into the hands of the most perfect distributor, enabling the basic system to make inventory distribution, packaging, storage management, and recycling, connected to the user’s NUATUS and other systems. The perfect way will allow users to make real-time inventory returns and sales.

Let's make the perfect allocation

with distribution management

Process the distribution according to the tonnage and carrying capacity of the goods

Create distribution routes and schedule shipments

Calculate the total weight of the load

Calculate the total volume and load it into the dispensing machine

Distribute by car

Change car and dispenser schedule, one or two step of distribution

Delivery vehicles are equipped with packaging and crates for bottle returns

Using the app

to access all the partner's information in its entirety

Possible to use the mobile application to register return of goods
Registration of distributor and data management
Able to view sales plans and performance
View customer records and information for the sales representative
The delivery truck is provided with the possibility of landing with the stock
Delivery vehicles are equipped with packaging and crates for bottle returns

Main features

Connected to the eBarimt system

All payment methods are available
such as
QPay, SocialPay, MonPay and Most Money

Can be used in
when there is no internet connection

Available on all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows

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