Improve employee management and boost productivity by utilizing the Masu platform.


management system

With the Masu system, you can easily keep track of your employees, total sales, and other related business processes. This allows you to make informed and efficient business decisions based on your employees’ productivity, working hours, and sales reports. You can also double-protect yourself against the risk of cash errors by assigning the appropriate permissions to each employee.

Ability to manage employees and receive reports related to them

Display the staff’s total work hours and start/end times.

Get the best sales staff report

Employees can access the system with their own password


sales report

View detailed sales
reports by employee

Allows you to filter reports by
employee, store, and working hours

Reports can be downloaded in CSV, Excel, and other formats

Employee time management

Employees can work more productively and be managed more efficiently by reviewing time reports and creating future work plans.

The employee can input his/her time with the PIN code and the system will start counting the time

At the end of the day, the employee needs to enter his PIN code and the system stops working hours

The total time is automatically calculated based on the arrival and departure times, and it is possible to edit settings and create new ones in the system

You can see a summary report of the total hours worked by each employee during the selected period

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