POS application

You can download the application for any service on your preferred device for free



100% online system, anytime, anywhere, connect to it using your preferred device.


It is possible to connect to an eBarimt system



Can connect to devices such as printers and scanners


You can easily record your sales even without an internet connection

No limit on

branch counts

Freedom to manage and increase the number of branches as you wish

Loyalty app

Connected to the loyalty application


Able to print a barcode label

Masu system

for restaurant

As a restaurant entrepreneur, the Masu sales system will provide you with the following opportunities.

Send and print orders received at the cash register directly to the kitchen

Masu supports all types of payment methods and will create many advantages for your business, such as taking, creating, saving and splitting table orders.

With the Loyalty app, you can easily book a table at your favorite restaurant, schedule appointments, and enjoy deals and discounts offered by the organization.

You can save your valuable time by managing payments and tracking your appointments with our app.

It is possible to manage employees and get reports related to them

Masu Loyalty app

You can add, take care and reward your loyal customers with the Masu Loyalty App

Use the Loyalty app to schedule and pay for your appointment.
Add, nurture and reward your loyal customers

You can save your valuable time by managing payments and tracking your appointments with our app.

All payment

methods are


You can connect to the most used payment methods such as QPay, SocialPay, Mongol Chat, We Chat and Toki

You have the option to make payments in installments by utilizing your own loyalty program


You can use MASU POS free of charge. You can create an account, register your inventory, add your inventory type, make sales and returns, view analytics reports and use other functions Apart from that, we offer features with additional back office necessary for your business and precise functional pieces with an additional fee. These include Workforce Management, Inventory Full Flow Section, Integrations, etc. You can try out these additional services free for 14 days and if you wish to continue using them, you may get acquainted with the terms and conditions of our price, make a contract and continue to collaborate with us. Please see our pricing page for more information.

You can download and install the Masu POS app for Windows, Android, and iOS from WindowsStore, PlayStore, and AppStore on your computer, mobile phone, and other devices. Create an account by completing a simple registration form, and then enter the required configuration information on the back office or main registration web page. From here, you can manage your processes such as products, discounts, reports, etc., as well as track your sales progress. Add your products to your Back Office or POS and start selling!

MASU POS is fully capable of working offline or without any internet connection. Even if your device is not connected to the Internet, you can continue to sell and work in shifts However, please be aware that some features such as refunds, new customer registration, and adding product categories only work online.

The MASU POS software lets you connect and use barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers and other equipment. Check the list of supported devices.

MASU POS has a loyalty mobile app that allows you to reward your regular customers every time they visit your store and make a purchase. You can also issue cards for your loyal customers with printed barcodes. When a customer visits your store and makes a purchase, the sales staff can quickly identify the customer by scanning the barcode of the loyalty card with a separate barcode scanner or a built-in device camera. Another way to identify a customer is to create an account with their phone number and record each purchase.

To register for an account, please visit and select the "Sign up" button. If you are unable to locate the button, consider scrolling upward or adjusting your web zoom percentage. Should you possess a partner code from friends or colleagues, kindly enter it during the registration process. Ensure to click the check button if you have a partner code.
The MASU POS app is only compatible with Windows 10 and later devices. The MASU POS app is only compatible with Windows 10 and later devices. Although it can be downloaded on Windows 7, it is recommended to update the operating system, as older operating systems may encounter issues when running programs based on new technologies.

Masu is a 100% free online program. However, the inventory management feature has an additional fee, and you can try it for free for 14 days when you sign up.

It is possible to make sales without using the inventory management not to keeping track of inventory.

All kinds of businesses related to inventory registration and sales can use Masu. For example:

* Mini markets and supermarkets
* Restaurants
* Pub, Bar, Karaoke
* Hair salon, Beauty salon
* Hospital, Pharmacy
* Clothing
* Spare parts trade
* Auto repair

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