Basic Terms of Service

June 26, 2023 is the official website of MASUPOS LLC, and these terms of service govern the relationships that arise in connection with using the site, using and purchasing products and services, and maintaining, processing, and protecting your financial and registration information using products and services.

These Terms of Service describe the parties’ privacy policies, data processing and third-party integrations, and related terms and conditions of use.

Terms and Conditions

Definition of terms

1.1 “Registration” means the simple registration of the MASU system maintained and used by an individual or organization/entity (ie “You”, “User” or collectively “Users”). User’s verified e-mail address and mobile phone number are an integral part of the Registration.

1.2  “User” means an individual or a legal entity who has full legal capacity or is 18 years of age and who has registered to use the MASU system and has registered to use the service. If you are creating an account or using the Services on behalf of your organization, you must accept and comply with the terms of these agreements on behalf of your organization.

1.3  “Authorized User” means a person representing any individual or legal entity authorized to use the MASU system on his/her own behalf. This includes employees authorized to use the service on behalf of the user, as well as third parties receiving the user’s personal information and financial and registration information entered by the user from its own MASU system. (Users are responsible for their actions).

1.4 “Service Provider” means MASUPOS LLC, which is responsible for the MASU system and provides services.

1.5 “Personal information of the user” means the sensitive information of a person and the name of a person’s parents, his/her name, date of birth, place of birth, address of residence, location, civil registration number, assets, education, membership, shall mean electronic identifiers and other information that can directly or indirectly identify or identify a person.

1.6 “User Sensitive Information” means a person’s background, race, religion, belief, health, correspondence, genetic and biometric information, private key of digital signature, conviction or not, sexual and gender orientation and expression , understand information about sexuality.

1.7 “Services” means MASU point of sale and inventory management products and services such as MASU system, MASU Dashboard, MASU KDS, MASU CDS and any features, technologies and functions provided by those products and services.

1.8 “Products and services for free use” are products and services that do not require a payment condition to access the service with the user’s ordinary rights. Terms of service may be required in some cases when using free products and services.

1.9 “Paid Services” means any type of additional services (hereinafter referred to as “Paid Products and Services”) that the User account holder has the right to use on the basis of payment.


General stuff

2.1 Each user who wishes to receive and use this service is registered as a member on the site. The TERMS OF SERVICE shall be deemed to have entered into force after the user has read and accepted the terms of service and clicked on the “Accept” button or started using any of the services. Any person using this service on behalf of themselves or their organization confirms their acceptance of these terms.

2.2 If the User does not agree to any of these Terms, the Service may not be used.

2.3 The Service Provider and the User shall jointly monitor the implementation of these Terms of Service.

2.4 The Service Provider reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service, related policies, additional procedures, conditions, and notices at any time, in whole or in part, at its own initiative based on market conditions, customer demand, scope of services, and product updates.

2.5 Every time there is a change in the general conditions of the service and the price, the Service Provider will notify through the website and in some special cases by sending a notification to the registered e-mail address of the User. The User is responsible for regularly checking the Terms for updates and changes that may affect their business operations. If the customer continues to use the service after the change, it will be considered as acceptance of the change. If the User does not accept the amendments included in these conditions, he has the right to refuse to use the Service.

2.6 The website, its information and documents related to the service are the property of the Service Provider, and it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, imitate, or use in any other way the logo, name, other designs and works of this website. The Service selected by the User is non-proprietary and is reserved for use during the trial period and during the paid period.

2.7 Techniques, technologies, and all stored information related to the Service are confidential to the Service Provider and are governed by the “Organizational Confidentiality” Law of Mongolia.

2.8 The Service Provider reserves the right to take all legal measures deemed necessary to prevent unauthorized or prohibited use.

Creation of user account, user rights and obligations

3.1 The User shall use the Service within the framework of generally accepted norms, the Terms of Service and the laws, regulations and standards in force in Mongolia.

3.2 The User has the right to use certain products for free or for a certain period of time, and any right to access, use or obtain the Services may be limited by payment terms and by law.

3.3 The Service Provider may offer the Service for a fee to the User, and the right to use it is opened on the basis of payment by the User.

3.4 The relations arising in connection with the purchase and use of paid or discounted products and services by the user shall be governed by the general terms of this Service, and additional fees and conditions may be included depending on the specifics of the service.

3.5  The User shall not be the owner of the Services selected by the Service Provider. The paid service selected by the user can be used for free for 14 /fourteen/ calendar days, and in case of obtaining additional services and every time the service right is extended, the extension is carried out by paying an advance payment.

3.6 When using, the user is registered. Any user who wants to get more information and services should send e-mail address, phone number and other necessary information to the web registration and fill in the specified table.

3.7 One User has the right to register with only one e-mail address. The email address used will not be used again for another account.

3.8 You agree to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information when registering, and to correct errors in your registration information, complete registration, and save updated information when necessary. If you register with incorrect or old or incomplete information, there is a possibility that you may experience problems with the services you receive, delays in technical support, difficulties in resolving any requests, and the risk of suspension or termination of the right to use the services for that account.

3.9 You are responsible for not disclosing your password to anyone. The User is responsible for all actions and activities performed through your account on the Service. If you believe that the accuracy or security of your Account has been compromised, please notify the Service Provider immediately by emailing

3.10 The Service Provider will send information about the end date of the Service selected by the User, service renewal and payment claims, and other official reminders only to the registered e-mail address of the User. Note: this e-mail address is considered to be the primary owner’s address to communicate with the User.

3.11 The Service Provider grants the User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, freely changeable right to use the service for business purposes and for a limited period of time.

3.12 The User can register an Authorized User who has the right to enter, change or access data and information in his/her account for any activity, changes made to his/her account for a fee. User may change or terminate the level of access to the Services for each Authorized User.

3.13 An Authorized User who uses or accesses the Service on behalf of a User is responsible for obtaining authorization from the Primary User to perform such actions. (For example: enter all necessary permissions to access, modify or delete information, or make changes to User Information, etc.)

3.14 If the User authorizes the Authorized User to use or access the Service, the User shall be responsible for any actions related to the use or access of the User’s account by the Authorized User, and shall be liable for the actions of that person.

3.15 The User is responsible for all actions performed using the Service.

3.16 The Service Provider shall check the completeness and accuracy of the User’s information from time to time, and the Service Provider shall be fully responsible for the confidentiality of such information.

3.17 The privacy of your information is very important to us. Therefore, please read the “Privacy Policy” in detail about how we collect and use your personal information in our operations. By using our Service, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Privacy Policy.

3.18 The user is responsible for providing accurate and complete registration information, keeping it, and updating it as soon as the information changes, and is fully responsible for the accuracy and reality of the information.

3.19 The user is responsible for keeping his login password safe and secure, and the Service Provider is not responsible for problems caused by the loss of his password or failure to keep information confidential.

3.20 Forging the name of any individual or legal entity, falsely reporting relationships, accessing other people’s Registers without permission, Services

3.21 Use of this Service for any illegal purpose, violation of intellectual property, other property rights, laws related to data protection and privacy is prohibited.

3.22 In the event of a dispute between the User and the Authorized User regarding access to the Service, the User shall decide what the Authorized User’s access and level will be to the relevant data or the Service, and the Service Provider shall not be liable to anyone other than the User who originally signed the contract.

3.23 The User has the right to freely express and send suggestions and complaints about the Service, new ideas, requests to sell new goods, reviews, suggestions and complaints about the confidentiality, security, and reliability of the Service to the Service Provider.

Rights and obligations of the service provider

4.1 The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring the normal, reliable operation and security of the Service, the smoothness of operations such as the storage, protection and backup of User information and information related to the Service, within the limits of its technical capabilities and capabilities, and to ensure the continuous, normal and safe operation of the system.

4.2 The Service Provider shall deliver the Service to the User on a 24/7 basis.

4.3 The service provider is obliged to solve problems related to the service by e-mail at or by phone at 77092288 on working days, and continuously improve the quality of service.

4.4 The Service Provider will not have direct access to the User’s data and will provide assistance and advice by accessing the User’s data according to the invitation accepted by the User.

4.5 The Service Provider will not personally visit the Customer’s location to provide assistance or support.

4.6 The Service Provider will temporarily stop the Service in case of technical expansion, program changes or updates. In this case, the User will be notified in advance through the e-mail address and the website.

4.7 The Service Provider has the right to provide privacy and security recommendations to its users, individuals, corporate employees, and customer service specialists, and to require them to fulfill their obligations under these Terms of Service.

4.8 If, due to the fault of the Service Provider, any suspicious actions such as the loss of privacy of the User, attack through program viruses, fake e-mails or links, or loss of financial resources, are detected, the User shall be immediately notified and advised to take the necessary measures. take the amount.

4.9 4.9 In case of unforeseeable security issues, advice is not delivered to the user, delivery is late, security solutions are late, or any other case caused by the user’s fault in an external environment beyond the service provider’s control, due to the user’s failure to notify the user in advance, and the user’s use of a fake e-mail link. , the User hereby acknowledges that the Service Provider shall not be liable for loss of property or financial loss, loss of reputation or position due to loss of confidentiality protection of product and service use.

4.10 The Service Provider is not responsible for problems caused by the User’s Internet connection.

4.11 Organizations specifically authorized by law and their employees are reminded to obtain permission and invitation from the User if they access the User’s information.

4.12 The Service Provider has the right to modify and update the Terms of Service. As soon as changes are made to the terms of service, notification of changes will be sent to the User’s e-mail address and through the website.

Termination and Suspension of Service

5.1 When the User sends a request for cancellation or suspension of the Service from his registered e-mail address to, the Service Provider may contact the User or his representative and cancel or suspend the Service. In the event of cancellation of the Service at the Customer’s request, the Service will be canceled regardless of whether the monthly payment has been paid and no refund will be given for the advance payment.

5.2 The Service Provider may immediately cancel or suspend the User’s account at its own initiative in the following cases. It includes: includes:

5.2.1 The User violates the Terms of Service and obligations related to the use of the Service,

5.2.2 Illegal use of the Service,

5.2.3 Confirmed damage to the Service Provider’s operations and other Users,

5.2.4 The user’s activity has stopped, the enterprise has been officially liquidated,

5.2.5 If the use of the user’s current rights poses a risk to the stability of the Service Provider’s system and the security and accessibility of other users’ information, or if too much resources are required to store the information,

5.2.6 If the user does not pay for the product and service on time even after receiving a service payment notification by e-mail, all services will be suspended and canceled at the end of the service period, regardless of whether the service is alone or in connection with other services. In case of cancellation, the data content, images, e-mail archives, text and all other information contained in the Service will be irretrievably deleted, and the User will be solely responsible for the resulting damages.

5.3 Upon termination of the Service, the User’s account will be deactivated and all rights granted under the Terms of Service will be terminated and data will be deleted. The Service Provider is not responsible for any loss, damage, or damage caused by the User’s account being disabled or the Service being terminated, and the User is responsible for exporting, backing up, copying, and verifying his/her information and other relevant data before the Service is terminated.


6.1 Use with additional payment The fee for the service is specified in the Payment section. If there is a change in the price and conditions of the service, the Service Provider will notify the User 14 days in advance and introduce the new price package and conditions. If the User does not send a request to cancel the Service before the new price for the Service becomes effective, the new price conditions will automatically come into effect. In addition, when the User changes the currently used package or renews the rights that have been revoked, the payment will be calculated according to the new payment conditions.

6.2 The User shall prepay for the Service to be used in that month by the 5th day of each month, and if a request to cancel the Service is submitted before the end of the month, the prepayment will not be refunded. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Service Provider shall not provide compensation in connection with the Services. The User can pay for the Service using various payment methods.

6.3 If you are using a free trial version of the Service, that period will end on the date you subscribe to use the additional paid features. The price displayed in the application is exclusive of VAT and other fees and charges, so the User is responsible for paying any taxes, fees or charges that may arise.

6.4 The User shall pay for the use of the Service regardless of whether he owes it to others or not.

6.5 The payment is calculated in the national currency of the service provider. When paying the service fee, the Customer shall pay the additional costs such as transaction fees from the customer’s bank, international settlement fees, and exchange rate differences. The Service Provider is not responsible for any additional fees or charges for bank transactions.

Ability to change your user rights

7.1 Users can update and change their rights while logged in (for example, add or delete employees and stores, register additional rights or cancel their registration).

7.2 Changes made by the User shall be effective from that date. If the User downgrades the currently used rights, the payment for the unused portion of the previously used User Rights will not be refunded.

7.3 Downgrading your User Rights may change the content, features and capabilities of your previously used User Rights account. If the User chooses to reduce the currently used rights, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any loss of data, content, features or capacity.

Restrictions and fair use

8.1 The Services are available in a variety of packages and will offer the Customer store, number of employees, access and services, as well as paid service options as described on our website. The Service Provider may update the terms, limits, prices and features of the Service at any time, in which case the changes will be posted on the website and in some special cases by sending a notice to the registered e-mail address of the User. After receiving the information, the User will use the Service within the updated package after the period specified in the notification.

8.2 If the User has exceeded the limits applicable to the rights that he has selected, we may offer you to upgrade his user rights to a new package.

8.3 We reserve the right to suspend or restrict your account or use of the Service if we believe that your use is illegal or may cause degradation of the Service to other users.


9.1 The user is fully responsible for the accuracy and security of his/her own information and data during the use of the Service.

9.2 The Service Provider, its affiliates, partners and suppliers do not make any guarantees regarding the appropriateness of use and non-infringement of property rights. NO ADVICE OR INFORMATION, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, OBTAINED BY THE PROVIDER OR THROUGH ITS SERVICES SHALL NOT BE WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND.

9.3 The Service Provider does not guarantee that the Service will meet all of the User’s requirements and will work regularly, safely and without errors, and does not guarantee that the quality of products, services, information and other materials purchased and sold using the Service will meet all of your requirements.

9.4 We may add, change, or remove features and functions of the Service from time to time. If you want to use the Service more accessible, please install and use the updated version.

Limitation of Liability and Damages

10.1 Limitation of Liability
In no event shall the Service Provider or its affiliates be liable for any direct or indirect damages to the User arising out of the use or non-use of this Service.

10.2 Limitation of Damages
The total liability of the Service Provider and its related parties to the User for all damages, damages, operating costs, etc. arising in connection with the general conditions of this service shall not exceed 100,000 (one hundred thousand) MNT in any case.

10.3 Limitations on Web Links
The Service Provider shall not be responsible for any damages caused to the User due to any type of web link or any goods or services sold or supplied by a third party other than the Service Provider or transmitted or advertised through this Service or received through a web link.

You are responsible for using the Service and will be compensated for misuse

11.1 The user is fully responsible for all consequences and activities resulting from the use of the Service through his account. You are responsible for the security of your user rights and password. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to protect your username or password.

11.2 The User shall be responsible and pay compensation for any damage caused to the Service Provider or other third parties as a result of using the service through his/her account or due to non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Do not use or act illegally

When using the Service, You agree not to:

12.1 Using the Service for any illegal purpose, violating intellectual property, other property rights, data protection and privacy laws;

12.2 Forge the name of any individual or legal entity, falsely report relationships, access other people’s Registers without permission, forge electronic signatures, distort the source, identity, and content of information transmitted through this Service, and engage in other similar fraudulent activities;

12.3 Swear, insult, abuse, threaten or deceive other Users, or attempt to delete or delete their personal information without the consent of the User or third parties;

12.4 Copying, analyzing the structure of the source code of the Service, creating source code from it, decomposing, breaking it, and disclosing or attempting to disclose the source code of the Service and its components, except for the permission of the relevant law, which specifically provides for this type of activity;

12.5 Use the Service in a manner that damages, disables, overburdens, degrades, disrupts or interferes with other users of the Service Provider’s systems or security;

12.6 Modify, simplify, translate, or create derivative works of the Service or its components, except as permitted by law not included in this limitation;

12.7 Interfere with or damage the operation of the Service Provider or any of its components during the User’s use in any way, including viruses, automatic advertising programs, programs for obtaining information related to the user’s privacy, installing or otherwise introducing harmful or other harmful codes ;

12.8 Disclose or distribute information related to another User of the Service to a third party, or use other User’s information for marketing purposes, unless the User has obtained the express consent of that User;

12.9 Intentionally access the Service using any type of robots, programming designed to create information indexes, programming designed to extract web data or other types of automated methods, and disable the Service Provider’s tools used to stop or restrict such access;

12.10 Interfere with or damage servers or networks related to the Service Provider’s operations or violate network requirements, procedures, policies or regulations related to the Service;

12.11 Post, submit or distribute any marketing material, advertising, spam, content or any information that the Service Provider in its sole discretion excludes, intended to mislead search engine optimization.

Fair Use Policy

13.1 The user is responsible for using the service within his rights and properly. We may place restrictions on your right to use our Services if we believe that your use of our Services is impractical, or that your use would impair your or other users’ rights to the Services. In this case, you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

13.2 Restrictions on your use of the Service may take the following forms: These include (but are not limited to):

13.2.1 Storage required for storing and backing up store data;

13.2.2 Sales transactions for a calendar month;

13.2.3 The number of page views within five (5) minutes;

13.2.4 Twenty-four (24) hour bandwidth usage;

13.2.5 Stores, POS Equipment, Employees, Items and Customers

Intellectual Property

14.1 14.1 Any appearance, graphics, design, structure, information, computing code (including source code and object code), products, Services and all other elements (“Materials”) provided by the Service Provider are provided by the Service Provider. It is protected by the National Copyright and Related Rights Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, Geographical Indication Law and other related laws and international agreements.

14.2 The Service Provider agrees that You retain ownership of any information You submit to the Service. However, Service Provider is granted a permanent, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive license to reuse, store, distribute, publicly display and adapt them for their own purposes.

14.3 All Materials stored by the Service Provider are the property of the Service Provider.

14.4 All trademarks, service marks and product names are the intellectual property rights of the Service Provider.

14.5 Unless specifically authorized by the Service Provider, You agree not to sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly present, display, transfer, publish, adapt, create derivative works or use the Service Materials or Services in any other unauthorized manner.

Termination of service, deletion of data and information

15.1 Termination of Services by the Service Provider

15.1.1 The Service Provider may, at its discretion, for any reason or without reason, without liability, cancel any Account (in whole or in part) used by You and delete or delete Your Account, any part thereof, or User Profile at any time without notice to You. You hereby agree to have the right.

15.1.2 If you have not logged in to your Account for a long period of time, we may terminate your Account, and if you have purchased a paid Service and continue to pay, the Account will be retained until the end of the paid Service period without cancellation on grounds of inactivity.

15.1.3 The Service Provider may, in its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice, deny access to the Service or any part thereof. You agree that a User’s access to or Account, or any part thereof, may be terminated without prior notice, and that such termination shall not hold the Service Provider liable to You or any third party.

15.1.4 Any suspected fraudulent activity, abuse, exploitation or illegal activity shall be referred to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

15.2 Termination of Customer Service

15.2.1 If the User is dissatisfied with any provision of these General Terms of Service, other policies, procedures or any information transmitted through the Service, please cancel your Account and stop using the Service. You may cancel your Subscription by sending an email to with a request to cancel your Subscription.

Consequences of Termination and Termination of Services and Data Deletion

16.1 Termination or cancellation of the Service will also terminate the User’s rights and permissions. However, the Terms of Service “Consequences of Termination or Cancellation”, “Intellectual Property”, “Indemnification”, “Notices and Disclaimers”, “Limitation of Liability and Damages”, “Dispute Resolution” and “Other” shall apply. will serve perfectly.

16.2 Your registration information and other data will be deleted after 30 days, unless the Service Provider is required to retain User information and data for a longer period of time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations after the termination of service rights or cancellation of your account. While we retain the data, we will securely isolate the data and protect it from further processing, except as required by applicable law.

Enforcement and Dispute Time

17.1 The above Terms of Service shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Mongolia. The parties are located in Mongolia

17.2 The User and the Service Provider have a one-year statute of limitations for any dispute arising out of or related to the Service. If this period has passed, the dispute cannot be raised any further.


18.1 We work with a number of partners, value-added vendors and other third parties to promote, market and integrate our products and services with other services. In some cases, we may receive commissions from these affiliates and third parties for referrals to our customers, or we may pay commissions to third parties that customers refer to us.

18.2 Notice
Changes to the terms and conditions of service and related notices may be delivered to you by message, e-mail or posted on web pages. Notices will be sent to Your registered email address and 24 hours thereafter, notices will be deemed to have been delivered, unless the registered telephone number or email address is notified as inactive. Notices posted on the web page shall be deemed delivered 10 days after first posted.

To contact:
The service is provided by “MASUPOS” LLC.
Address: 11F, Twin Tower-2, Seoul street, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Phone number: 77092288