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of your customers

With the Masu platform, you can create incentive programs and offer discounts to both loyal and new customers.



With MASU, to reward your customers.

Start your program with just one click to set a bonus percentage on every purchase for your loyal customers.

You can run your customer loyalty program on a branch-by-branch basis or through a single branch of your choice.

No additional software, hardware, or fees are required. You can easily create your reward program using MASU POS and MASU LOYA APP.

You can introduce a reward card to your regular customers with the opportunity to run a program just for you.

Encourage loyal use

The Masu system is your ultimate assistant for rewarding loyal customers, creating incentive programs, expanding your business, and increasing profits.

Enroll your customers in a loyalty program and reward them from their first purchase

Customers can receive reward cards, coupons, and discounts.

Customer points can be converted into discounts on future purchases

Customers can receive their bonus balance as a printed or emailed receipt, or view it in the application

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